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In Production
Sun Media

1 Hr Documentary

Made in Canada is an intimate, point of view exploration of the shifting landscape facing workers of the Canadian film and television industry, exemplified by the story of an aspiring documentary filmmaker knee deep in an “early-life career crisis,” and attempting to gauge what the future have in store for his dream of making films in Canada.

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In Development
Corus & Telefilm

Theatrical Feature - Family Comedy.
A coming of age feature film.

A poignantly funny story about Simon, a 16 year old native kid, whose dreams of exploring the world beyond his reservation are obstructed by his mother Mary’s fear of an age old family curse that affects the first born sons.  Refusing to be held back, Simon concocts a scheme to bring the world to his Rez, and it arrives in the form of the crass, but twerpy exchange student Gunter, a German in love with and in search of some rendition of the Wild West. What follows is a ‘wild’ and hilarious clash of cultures..

Kat House Animation, Live Action Drama


In Development

½ Hr TV/Web Series - Animation/Live Action Drama (16-35)

KAT HOUSE,a quirky half-hour television drama series blending animation with live action for a dynamic, surreal, tongue in cheek look at pets, their doting owners, and the booming pet industry.


Production Prep

3 min Web/Mobile Series - Serial Drama (16-35)

BLU is a gritty, fast paced, transient and tantalizing serial drama about the life and times of one ‘blue dress.’


In Development

½ Hr TV/Web/Mobile Series - Documentary (12-24)

This TV/Web/Mobile series is the ultimate ‘fashion-forward’ plugged-in experience - A free flowing 360° mash-up of our globally-positioned young muses, un-heralded talents, and ‘insider’ preview to budding trends around the globe, illuminating thereality’ of the conscious world, and the often dire circumstances under which creativity strives.


In Development

1 Hr Documentary
"Menopause is not a bitch, aging is inevitable, but aging brilliantly is a choice."

Generations of myths and taboos have women and men in a paralytic‘fear- of-aging’ hammerlock, deploying every cosmetic and medical trick in their attempt to stop the downward spiral to the realm of the “dried-up old menopausal bitch” or the brotherhood of “wilted tulips”. The Change is that multi-generational conversation you have long been afraid to have but need so that you can choose to “age brilliantly.”


In Development

½ Hr TV Series - Doc/Lifestyle

A hilariously relationship ‘cook-off’ between a mother-in-law and her son’s mate. In their pots is her son’s favourite dish, but what cooks up may be more than they bargained for in this battle for bragging rights and the WTB Cup.


In Development

½ Hr Web/Radio Series - History/Documentary

FoodLore is the fascinating, dramatic and often turbulent history of ingredients before and after they become food.